We provide a series of corporate leadership training programs to make leading and managing people and organizations faster and easier. The leadership training programs teach leaders what they need to know to manage individuals, teams and departments effectively. Corporate leadership training programs range in length from one hour to multiple days. Each program is customized for your organization. High performance organizations prosper because of effective leadership and a culture of teamwork focused toward achieving a common vision.

Leadership Training Services facilitates the discovery and development of the leader in you and the creation of a culture of teamwork in your organization. We at Manpro value your personal and career development needs. At Manpro, we strive to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of leadership training options uniquely designed to support your specific leadership challenges. We begin with basic personal leadership skills development and, through progressively more challenging high paced classroom and experiential learning experiences, progress to more strategic learning objectives.

We work with executives, managers and high-level individuals, and we tailor our services to the individual or team and the company culture.

Assessment/Performance Surveys - Our Action Research Survey, provide you with the data you need to make effective decisions and take appropriate action to improve performance.

Leadership Coaching - Our one-on-one assessment and coaching program is designed to facilitate the development of targeted competencies or skills in current and emerging leaders and to assist them in their meeting business goals

Leadership Workshops - Our Management Training Workshop Series provides highly interactive full and partial day sessions that support indicated action from our coaching and assessment work.

Team Building - Different from traditional teambuilding and relationship building or bonding, these facilitated sessions are tailored to achieving specific team objectives and strategies.