About Us


Who We Are?

The Cosmo People is India's private sector enterprise, with businesses in various service sectors. The flagship company, Cosmo People, is the mainstream of all service sectors; each sector is treated as an individual business module for specific service deliverance for any business type. Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Cosmo People.


What We Do?

Cosmo People delivered events, business management and media services in the past decade, Cosmo People pursued a strategy of backward vertical integration - in education,IT solutions, production house, brand management, marketing concepts development, finance solutions, social integrity and leadership - to be fully integrated along the business services and modular value chain.


How Cosmo People Work?

Cosmo People's talent base, the aim is to lower the average employee age and invigorate the youth to take the organization forward with experienced people from all service sectors over the next few decades as the entrepreneurial spirit has been a hallmark of the organization. The Company continues to nurture this as it grows exponentially.

Know More About Us

Business Transformation(The “CHANGE” factor)

Cosmo People helps change for companies identify, refine, and adopt organizational models that can optimize their performance and profitability. We help people learn how to adapt successful organizational structures to their own situations, delineate roles and responsibilities to achieve cost-effective execution, and establish accountability to ensure successful implementation of their organizational initiatives.

Every business doesn’t depends on the market status, HR management, marketing modules, finance & such technical issues. We believe it’s “ME” who is running the organization. The success of our organization is depends on “ME”, My ideas, My inspiration, My ambitions, My dedication, My knowledge, My enthusiasm, My commitment, My strength, My values, My decisions, My act & most important “MY TEAM” that means My “PEOPLE” around me in our organization. For making any change in our organization, we don’t concentrate on changing business plan only, however we try to rectify it by making changes in “ME” which is eccentric solution, as it is the core of everything. And if “ME” changes then PEOPLE changes, as the result, there is a huge change in an organization which is desired by us. It is important for any organization The “PEOPLE” involved in it. So we always believe our philosophy which completely depends on “ME”! And ME - PEOPLE is the secret of our organization’s success.

Cosmo People Consulting’s portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modeling, analysis and strategy development to help companies determine with precision the best way forward. Clients rely on Cosmo People to define the optimal solutions for their challenges and opportunities in the areas of Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Organization and Transaction Services.We provide business management services, event management, advertising-PR, marketing concepts development, media solutions, finance solutions, education, IT services, creative products, leadership management and more services which are required for any business needs. We have complete business solutions under one roof. As the social responsibility, we have social service segment under which we work for children welfare & education, aged people establishment and environmental awareness. We help under-performing company's organization based on evaluation of alternative models, development of an appropriate structure, clarification of roles and responsibilities, and implementation of controls and rewards. We try to evaluate changes required for any organization by systematic procedure for enhancement of organizational model to provide successful growth rate.

Our Core Values

We don’t believe in generic solutions. Our objectives, methods, analysis, and reporting are designed to reflect each people’s unique needs and project goals. These evaluations often help people to translate research recommendations into significant program improvements and policy changes, which can be used to attract future funding. In practice, evaluation results are rarely entirely positive. When our people are faced with challenging findings, we provide them with strategic recommendations on how problems can best be addressed and solutions applied.

We’re not locked into any one way of thinking. With our experience spanning a spectrum of disciplines, sectors, and organizations, we examine every project with an unbiased eye and bring a fresh perspective to understanding the issues at hand.

We pride ourselves on developing excellent working relationships with our people, based on strong communication and a dynamic, collaborative spirit. We help people clarify their goals and formulate meaningful, measurable objectives. We aim to deepen our people’s understanding of evaluation. To us, this is as vital as conducting the evaluations themselves. We also recognize that projects aren’t static but evolve over time. You won’t see us only at the beginning and end of a project; rather we will work closely with you throughout the process.

Our research methods are broadly and solidly grounded in traditional techniques of data collection and analysis. However, we are also fluent in more sophisticated statistical analyses, such as hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) and survival analysis, and in state-of-the-art, technology-driven methods such as web-based computer-adaptive surveys.

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